Frequently Asked Questions

This website is boring!  Where's all the action at?

My Facebook Page is the best place to keep up to date with all things Joshua Stebbings - Photographer.


You don't have the print size I want, what do I do?

Send me an email, I've not put all the print sizes live to keep things a bit simpler, I can likely work out a print in the size you're after.


I like your photos, but I'd prefer one in black and white/edited a bit, what do I do?

Send me an email, likely as not, we can work something out.


The images on your gallery site all have a big watermark over them, is that going to be on my digital file or print when I order it?

No, the image appears on the gallery only, not on the final digital image/print.


Wow, your prints are expensive!  Wouldn't it be cheaper just to order the digital file and print it myself?

So is camera equipment!  In order to consistently get the kind of shots people want to buy, you need to invest in a fast camera, you need to invest time into learning how to use it and you need to invest many, many, many hours into editing photos until they're up to a standard where selling them is an option.  

Sure - it might be cheaper to just grab the digital file ($10 for 1 x 10 megapixel digital image) and print it yourself and by all means, go for it, a sale is a sale.  When you print through me however, you get the expertise of Nulab who produce some seriously beautiful prints, framing options and I get to pay for my cameras!  Can you trust your Laserjet?  Is the guy in the mall really going to produce the kind of beautiful large prints that Nulab does?  I also of course try to offer a range of print alternatives at different prices.

I also of course upload plenty of high res Facebook highlight shots of events I shoot at and I'm always happy to negotiate prices for bulk orders and fighters/competitors!. 


I don't understand what all the different frame types are?

Here's a description of each frame type.


How big are your print sizes?

All print sizes are listed in centimeters and hopefully should be fairly self explanatory.  This link may be helpful for those wanting a visual indication on how big the larger prints are.


I'd love to book you to photograph my event, how do I go about that?

Send me an email and I'm sure we can work something out.


Hey - I saw one of your Facebook highlight photos and was wondering if I could use it?

If you are an individual (fighter, fan, friend of a fighter, family, whatever) then go for it.  I'd ask that you not remove the watermark, doing so is illegal and likely to annoy me.  I don't mind too much if you need to crop it out on a profile photo, just put something in the comments or description crediting me please and we're sweet.  Businesses/Gyms/Advertisers/Promotions/Magazines/Newspapers THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO YOU - this website deals only with personal licenses, if you wish to use my photos commercially, then you have to send me an email.  I'm generally very easy to get along and deal with - the one thing I will tend to be fairly hard on is people stealing my photos, I'll take whatever recourse is available to me to sort that sort of thing out.

Hey I'm not happy with the service/print/whatever I got from you, what can I do?

You can jump on the internet and tell everyone what a dick I am OR you can let me know that you aren't happy and why.  As said above, I'm pretty easy to do business with and I try to always ensure my customers are happy with the experience they've had with me - if, heaven forbid, I've stuffed something up, let's see if we can't fix it but I can't do that if you don't contact me.